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Pluck Yew T-Shirt

    This t-shirt makes a great gift ! All sizes. $29 USD + $5 shipping Can/USA , $8 Europe/Asia.


    Order this “pluck yew” shirt

13 Responses to “Pluck Yew T-Shirt”

  1. Dave Stevens says:

    After two years with one of your longbows, I have realized i need this shirt ! I don’t see anywhere to order it but I will take one XL.


    admin Reply:

    Hi Dave ! I an glad you are still enjoying your bow. I am sorry to say we have a few shirts here but sold out of xl a while back and we have been thinking about redesigning this shirt as it was originally just abit of a joke I will keep up updated about the status of the shirts though.


  2. eric campbell says:

    We just wanted to let you know we have all been very impressed with the yew bows you sent us for the red mountain lodge and have used now for two years and not one has a single blemish. The arrows on the other hand seem to get lost or broken as our backdrop for our targets is rock ! So we have switched to carbon arrows and then seem to hold up better to being shot in these powerful bows directly at rock walls. I am going to order one of these shirts but wish it also said Natural Archer somewhere on it, you really should promote your brand as you have a good reputation.
    Take Care.
    Eric, Montana, Red Mountain Lodge

    ps… keep plucken fellow pluckers ! lol


  3. Murray says:

    Feckin pluckers around here.


  4. Hello Pat, I have to say I adore my new yew longbow, arrows and quiver ! I have been wondering if you now have any plucken’ stock of these shirts now ?

    Thank you !


  5. jeffrey says:



  6. silver hair says:

    great web site; now, if I shoot a chicken with my yew long bow while wearing my “pluck yew” T shirt; am I a “cotton picken, fingerlicken, chicken plucker?”


  7. Joe says:

    so where can I get one of these pluckers ?


  8. jeff says:

    Go pluck your self (bow)


  9. Longbow says:

    i gotta get me one of those plucken things


  10. Pete says:

    Holy Pluck !


  11. admin says:

    Thats Plucken cool.


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