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yew longbows for sale

Yew wood prices

Yew wood pricing.

$120 for Shorter staves for Youth bows or west coast native style bows

$120 for longbow staves that have some character and will need a experienced bowyer but make beautiful bows when finished. They might need a little steaming, there will be a knot or two to work around, but otherwise these staves are perfect for someone that wants a character bow that shots as good as any other, just looks cooler !

$175 will get you a save that perhaps needs a little steaming and a few pin knots but is otherwise the best kind of stave.

$225 – A premium Yew bow stave from 69-74 inches, is the best kind of stave for a typical yew longbow.

$275 – For a mary Rose war bow – extra long.

Shipping from $20 USD

We sell only a small amount of yew staves to off set our costs to go harvesting. We do limit the number we are willing to sell, and we also have a rule that you must have the skills to make a yew longbow and not waste the material.

Yew wood is in steep decline on the planet, but it’s not the bowyer that is to blame. Clear cut logging, and the unchecked harvesting a decade ago for the bark to make Taxol, is to blame. Most of the Yew that ever has been harvested was for a small pile of its thin bark the rest left to rot on the forest floor. Most yew trees do not grow in a way that would be useful for our bows, perhaps 1 out of 100 yew trees we see are even considered to make a bow, we make the most of this material.

That being said, where we harvest yew is plentiful enough that a few trees can be respectfully spared.

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